Sorting toys by age and gender, 10 Toys per bag being secured in storage pods for local agencies to fill their orders.

Identifying the bags of toys by age and gender per order for select agencies for train delivery at the many stops between Binghamton and Rouses Point near the Canadian Boarder....

Sailors assigned to help Toys For Tots  - 2014

SAFETY briefing before boarding Amtrak in Binghamton - 2014

Briefing before Boarding Amtrak

I met this little girl in 2013, She did not want the toy at first she wanted the new gloves.

I had a pair of gloves that I had set a side for her Hoping to find her in 2014, In the above photo I'm giving her a hat and gloves.  Her mom was carrying an armload of toys for her.

She said they smelled nice.. but didn't realize she could have both.

 Many of you give a toy or many toys to Toys For Tots...  But after all the Hard work done by all, the feeling of giving a child a toy who you don't know knowing that they would probably not get anything for Christmas  is a Feeling that you have to experience yourself Word can't express it enough. I hope you think about these photos as you give this year now that you can see where these toys are going.

   "Every Child Deserves A Christmas"                                                                                            Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From Rock For Tots NY

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